Supernova lighting, for you to be visible
Stability & fixing of bike lighting

Supernova products are among the best bike lighting products! When the sun goes down and you are still riding your bike, it is crucial that you can be seen and that you see everything that is on the road and beside it. What is important for a safe bike tour in poor lighting conditions is therefore the quality of the bike lights. The further the light of the bike lamps reaches, the more overview and safety you will have on the bike. On the one hand, the path or road should be well illuminated, on the other hand the surroundings should be well visible, too. Moreover, the technology inside the lamp is decisive. In road traffic, you should only use lamps with glare-free technology. Supernova has bike lamps, bike lighting, LED headlights, as well as accessories in the product range, which can be used in road traffic and for off-road riding.

Supernova: convincing light quality, stable fixing  
What matters in bicycle lighting is technology and quality, i.e. the efficiency of the light output. The housing of Supernova headlights promises high-quality workmanship. It is made of aluminium and therefore also withstands crashes. In wind, rain and hail, too, the lights of the Supernova manufacturer are reliably bright. The dynamo-operated bike lamp provides a very high and convincing light quality at low speeds as well. For a stable fixing of the headlight Supernova also offers accessories. The technology and light expert provides several accessory items for cyclists, so that riding in poor light conditions will be safe.

Lighting systems for bikes  
Supernova also offers accessories that allow for an expert, easy, fast and safe mounting of the lamps, lighting and lights of the manufacturer. To this end, there are brackets, which are directly mounted on the handlebar. This handlebar bracket is adjustable to ensure an optimum light beam. With the technical accessories by Supernova you can, however, also attach your lamp to a bicycle helmet. This is done with velcro straps, which can be opened and closed easily and allow for individual and fast mounting. The range of accessories is topped off with tension ring sets, adapter cables with USB connection, adjustable adapters for mounting at the bike fork. With the connector set by Supernova, the lights can be easily dismounted.